Posted by: Souken | July 9, 2009

Have you been blocked today?

The worst fears came true a few days ago, jGE finally slapped a foreign IP ban to their website meaning anyone else who isn’t using a Japan IP will be basically staring at a blank page. Luckily, thanks to a good friend, access has now been regained with a use of a proxy.

This is what you get without a proxy

For those proxy beginners out there, you can also learn to use the proxy in simple steps though the guide only applies to Firefox users.

i) Proxy guide with Firefox:
ii) JP Proxy List:

Any in the list will do, there’s no need to be specific but in case anyone is wondering, I’m using the proxy ‘, Port: 3128‘.

If you done the steps right, you should see a proper page!

At least there won’t be anymore missing out on the jGE goodies and updates after this. 🙂


  1. LOL. No wonder I keep getting a blank page after loading for a long time. I thought their server went down for maintenance or something.

    This is stupid. I can understand IP Block for game servers, but websites?!

    Anyway, thanks for the info.

  2. Lol, apparently this is a basic practice for most Japanese MMOs. They really don’t want foreigners in their games and they’re willing to take it this far. 😮

  3. I got blocked when i use starhub net to open the site, but i have no problem viewing using singnet. lolx.

  4. I’m not exactly sure to what degree is their blocking extended to, but just using a proxy can resolve everything 😮

  5. I tried using the proxy to access the website on GE costumes but I was still blocked… ~.~!

  6. I know which one you’re talking about, I think the owner of the site has closed the website. Proxy or not you’ll still see an error page because the website simply doesn’t exist on the host server anymore, be sure to keep those pictures though.

  7. dam the japanese

  8. Yeah.. I got IP banned from their jGE website, including kGE offical website too -.-

  9. Hey great proxy site, can you submit all your proxy to my campus directories, well i hope all my friends could access your proxy site

  10. I’m currently using the PacketiX VPN Client to access both JGE and KGE. Try downloading that and see if it works. There are some guides that you can find through Google. 😀

    • Alright, I’ll go test it out when I’m free, thanks for the suggestion =D

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