Posted by: Souken | July 15, 2009

AQM Horror

If anyone remembers that 3.6 trailer, you should have seen a gargantuan boss somewhere in the middle of it. Turns out he’s a a boss in the part of the new AQM related quests.

Dwarf to giant

And yes he is huge, that’s the size comparison to Calyce.

And the next horror is you have to solo this big boss, no additional help is given. But the boss doesn’t summon slaves though there are miscellaneous mobs in tiny numbers in the map.

Here’s the next horror, his stats…

Sorry if this wasn’t mentioned, it’s a Daemon type

He’s giving Master level a hell of a time, and they’re fully buffed and well geared too. Screenshots I have seen includes a dead Grandice. And on a side note, kGE has released a new illustration. 😛



  1. o.m.f.g.

    i wonder if i’ll last that long to 4.0. lol.

  2. the GE pic looks like those gorean girl group poses , those ones mondie lieks ._.

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