Posted by: Souken | July 19, 2009

AQM Getting Deeper – Go Raid

I guess many people are extremely interested in the boss raid more than anything else, especially those factions which are hardcore or raid exclusive. Koreans are really something, it’s only been what…few days after the update and they have already taken down the hulking new raid boss.

This raid has “masters only” splashed all over it…

This boss is anything but easy either. It has superseded Brain of Argus in position of being the highest level raid boss with the highest level AR and DR. As feedbacked from the Koreans, the difficulty level surpasses the rewards which is ironic though some of the loots are still of a decent rarity.

The one on the left is the final boss

I previously mentioned that the boss is likely to have two forms, I still may want to sit on the fence regarding that comment after seeing a screenshot. The raid requires one to face a high level Dilos Lantern as well for getting through to the end.

Dilos (level 137), Boss with the dual shotguns (level 135)

As of now, I could neither make head or tail of the raid walkthrough which a Korean was kind enough to share with everyone. A quest is needed as a pre-requisite for proceeding to the raiding part, see here for more information:

Here’s a rough pictorial guide at the moment:

Two words – not easy

Loots aren’t exactly fantastic as mentioned, the difficulty greatly outweighs the rewards even with a Panpan as seen in the screenshot.

Chips are common drops, level 100 chips

Loots range from mostly chips to the chippable level 96 necklaces recipes, not very sure about the rest at the moment. I’ll try to update more once I make sense of what is going on here. Severe co-operation is needed to make this raid a success, and for some reason – Rio is an important member in this raid, I have seen his name being mentioned all over.

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