Posted by: Souken | August 7, 2009

VO update

Hi all, thanks for the warm wishes and I’m back temporarily before I’m off for the next 5 days or so this coming Sunday. I don’t usually do this but I would like to stress that jGE has finally updated their voiceovers for the silent cast. Mifuyu’s voice is included as well but we would have no way of finding out how it sounds like because her character data doesn’t exist under sGE.

I did a hearing test on a friend who has four of the mentioned characters and I rate them all 11/10.

– Selva’s voiceover has a balance between strength and beauty, emphasizing on her kind intentions and yet her determined beliefs. Even when she gets hit, casting a skill or die, she yells with valour. Think of it somewhere along the line like a mix of Romina and Grace without going too high or too low.

– Ania’s voiceover is simple to rate, it totally mirrors off FFX-2’s Paine except with a deeper passion of a battle cry. But her dying voice surprised me as it showed off Ania’s feminine side.

– Nar’s voiceover definitely had to mirror his character seeing Ania’s display. It was perfect all the way, because his seiyu did voices for Musashi (Eyeshield 21) and Stark (Bleach), expect to think as if those two are talking while you listen. The resemblance to Stark’s voice is especially stronger between the two.

– Hellena was the contending victor out of the four. It’s very fresh and unexpected because I had no inkling what it might even sound like in the first place. She showed off her refined and prideful side with her voice, elegant yet with a hint of malice. Description wise, she could very well pass off as the female stock elementalist’s sister.

Overall, it’s a budding success, I look forward to see jGE dishing out the perfect pitch for their characters.


  1. Hi, I find your blog is really useful. Such a waste you can’t continue 🙂

    You can listen to Mifuyu voice by extracting se.ipf file using IPF extractor. Just look for the files containing mifuyu in them.

  2. Hey! remember me? I don’t think you would but I’m one of your ex-faction mates, like ages ago. Astaros right?

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