Posted by: Souken | September 5, 2009

Chapter I: The Water

GE has once again wow-ed the crowds with it’s intricate storylines behind the game. I can only say I happened to chance upon this source while looking at a Reckless Emilia video on YouTube. I feel it’s better that I shared with the rest on what the storyline in the version 4.0 is about.

According to the source, it seems that each of the elements has their own backstory representing them. The first element’s backstory; The Water has been the only one revealed so far and revolves around the Furholden family. This finally sheds some light on why Lorch has been so centered on in all the 3.6/4.0 trailers and teasers so far. And if this holds true, maybe Rio himself could have one backstory too since he was showcased beside Lorch in the teasers too. (he’s involved in the Holy Creature’s quest though)

The story revolves around three characters; Ortega, Jurgen and someone whom spreads the stench of malice wherever he roams – Montoro.

Ortega Furholden

Jurgen Furholden

Turns out, Ortega is Lorch’s elder brother and Jurgen is Lorch’s and Ortega’s father. Jurgen is a powerful figure in the Furholden family (if you have followed Lorch’s quest storyline, this whole thing wouldn’t be very foreign to you) and what corrupts a man more than trying to achieve the quest of more endless power. He decides to follow Felipe (I am not very sure at this point who it is in the GE story, names may vary from version to version), one of the ten Vespanolan Nobles to collaborate with Montoro to use the Holy Water’s power.

It’s the very same Holy Water from Al Quelt Moreza and it is believed to hold unknown power. (and Andre actually drank it, lol)

Of course, everything always comes at a price.

Jurgen got a complete effect from the Holy Water’s powers and became a true devil whereas Ortega only got partially affected and became a half devil. This basically explains their appearances and what happens eventually, you just have to read the quest conversations to find out more. Attached at the end is a video and a quest guide for those who are further interested.

Holy Creature’s Room

Video Walkthrough: Link

Quest Guide: Link


I just realized the significance and the order/placements of events thanks to the aforementioned discovery. So actually in the 3.6 teaser, each element signifies relevance to each of the new storyline.

– Water (AQM’s Holy Water/Furholden family’s backstory)
– Wind (The real Catherine’s backstory)
– Fire/Earth/Heart (Titled “Another Secret”, focuses on three main areas – Bahamas, Zeia and Chaos Requiem)

Likewise, for the world map extension, as shown in the trailer; the individual elements represent also the area involved in each of the back story.

– Water (Reboldoeux)
– Wind (Auch)
– Fire (The current entire west area shown on the world map, Ustiur/Bahamas/Chaos Requiem)
– Earth (Katovic Region)
– Heart (Far western area on the world map known as Virginia)

This could really prove something interesting, since Reckless Emilia’s backstory is not exactly singularly classified into either of the elements, there’s a chance Valeria’s backstory might considering she was brought up in seclusion without much knowledge of what’s going on in the outside world.


– RAININ1969 from Youtube
– Dem’s Holy Creature Room quest guide, Book of Wind

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