Posted by: Souken | September 14, 2009

My First Chaos

I stepped into Tierra Putrefacta for the first time in my life, it has been quite a while since it was released in the game. Previously I wasn’t high leveled enough to enter, nor do I have the equipment to survive hits there. But thankfully it seems I can still manage a little bit (but not without dying a bit as well).


It just occurred to me there isn’t a proper consolidated guide for the Chaos Requiem quests, my guide making senses are tingling. But from what I found out, it’s actually a short quest for such a big hoo-ha; but of course, first timers would probably be lost entirely within that really huge domain.

Right now I’m just praying I’ll get past the Amethyst part in one piece.

The storyline within the whole Chaos Requiem quest really spins you around in circles. Other than Edward’s and Selva’s love drama, everything else still doesn’t seem to make much sense for now. A few lines particularly caught my interest…


The best response you can give after a girl’s sob story


The best (and suicidal) reply you can give after a girl’s sob story

I’m thoroughly convinced that Edward is indeed in an amnesia state, otherwise no man in his sane mind would ever say that to his lover…


…especially if she’s standing behind you with a weapon, you twit.

I was literally led in circles in annoyance and panic, because the quest guide I referred to wasn’t specific in details and where to go on one part of the quest. It took a while to finally decipher where to go next, and as courtesy for players dealing with the final conversation part of the quest; this is where you had to stand to trigger the quest scenario.


Tricky H10 spot

More drama ensues, Montoro is the culprit and he really says some narcissistic, corny and disgustingly tasteless lines.



The only reward for your troubles are EXP cards, Epic Glaziums and the trigger to Selva’s recruitment quest. Not really much of a prize for all the insanity it has put me through, but I’m happy at least Emilia has leveled to Veteran level 9 due to the EXP cards.

I also found out, that one actually does not have to finish Gavin’s recruitment quest to activate Selva’s recruitment quest, Eleanor gave me the quest even batting an eyelid. I really have to finish all my quests to get a better first hand experience on the quest information. :/


  1. I think I used this one: , was pretty good.

    And lol, doing the Putrefacta quests was the first time I actually swore at my screen, like a constant stream of “fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck”.

  2. I kept telling myself I can’t die or I’ll waste my Amethyst pieces, I would pull my hair but I can’t because my hands were tied down to my keyboard and mouse – trying to make my characters run around in circles while trying to figure things out D:

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