Posted by: Souken | September 22, 2009

Another Chapter

As slated, the next update will cover the Element of Wind. These include more new content such as the release of a new rNPC, Catherine (Human), new constellation stances, costumes, changes and updates to equips/stances and a new boss raid.


There’s even a mini trailer to highlight the new boss raid which will take place in Los Toldos – spend GP to raid (you need Mystery Powders to enter Los Toldos) ? All I can say is, the loots better be worth the entrance fee

The new scout’s stance – Enhanced Tactics, is a buffed up (pun not intended) buffing stance which uses the Scorpio symbol. As of now, all symbols now have a usage:

Constellation Scout Stance – Scorpio
Constellation Cannon Stance – Sagittarius
Constellation Sabre Stance – Cancer
Constellation Instrument Stance – Virgo

And according to Dem, it seems that IMC has the intention of giving every weapon category a constellation stance eventually. But it would probably require dual combination of symbols like Master’s Martial Arts.

Trailer Link:

For those who are unable to load the trailer for whatever reasons, I have kindly attached screen caps.






Interestingly enough, the raids will take place in these rooms…




For those who are interested in the full summary of the updates, you may visit the following links:



  1. Hoot, zombie stock characters. ❤

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