Posted by: Souken | September 24, 2009

Worth The Plunge

IAH released the new male scout wig – Shaggy Wolf today, and I was a total sucker for it. I broke my “don’t top up GP” oath and spammed about 30 boxes for it. It was definitely worth the money seeing how much attention he was getting while running through Auch, and it’s extremely eye candy.


Also released with the Shaggy Wolf was part of the Winter Costume series for the Wizards, The Calienalbino. I’m not really that much of a fan for it though but one of my friends in-game was.


Shaggy Wolf & The Calienalbino

I’ll say he’s pretty lucky because it only took him three times as less effort compared to me to get his desired item. However, he’s still looking for the Shaggy Wolf though. And on a closer look, the costume actually “amplifies” the female wizard’s assets but at the same time, it makes her look horizontally challenged. :/


Just so awesome, but it’s missing something…

Overall many thought as well that the loots this time round for the Hron’s Treasure Trove wasn’t being thought out well. There were too many boring and repetitive loots, especially the fighter’s which totally killed the exclusiveness for Hron’s Treasure Trove #1. In my opinion, they should have replaced it with the scout’s winter costume and add a male wizard hat for his winter costume (yes, the male wizard gets a hat with his outfit as well).

Luckily, the box provided enough decent cash shop loots which can earn back a tidy sum of vis, the rate of MPs/Boosters/Barrack Slots/Master Scrolls are very attractive. Also, some new costume additions worth mentioning to GE are Viki’s costume…


Now he really looks the part

…and the Patricia costumes for the elementalists.


A somewhat toned down version of the Le Noir…

The Male Elementalist is once again looking horrible.

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