Posted by: Souken | September 25, 2009

Occulta Escapade

I’m beginning to finally clear those eyesore quests one by one off the quest tab, so far it’s going off very well. At the same time I’m also running along to see if there are any corrections to be done to the current guides on this blog because; what better way than to make an accurate quest guide than to go through the quest yourself.


Occulta Dungeon entrance

I wasn’t expecting a large group, but then again I’m glad I did. I badgered a close friend of mine for help with the Occulta Dungeon quests, and before I knew it, suddenly there were many people interested in both joining and helping. It even started to feel like the first few days of the game release where everyone would just squad up and face all challenges together.

It was an unexpectedly short process but it took a while to round up and gather everyone. The main highlights were to finish the Kobold Elders/Diary hunting and the Necroshamans instance, which can only be previewed by those with that particular quest.


Really big Kobold Elders who hurt a lot…


Got it on the 8th Kobold

And for those who are still attempting the quest or visiting the dungeon for the first time, you’ll need to run to this safe spot here. The mobs will never attempt to follow you all the way into this particular lone corridor for some reason, and of course, deactivating traps are optional but extremely helpful in that extra survival chance.


Note the spot H8

After which, it marks the end of Nar’s recruitment quest. He’ll go on and talk about Lorenzo Guliano’s pants for some odd reason which is very, very disturbing…


The diary, THE diary!


I fail to share the same common ground in your topic, dear sir…


*Rolls eyes*

After which, completion of the diary quest ensures access to purchase of the constellation stance books from Emilia Guliano. A little sneak peak of dramas behind the face of a seemingly innocent merchant girl…




Crash and burn there, Jean.

It’s a wonder there never was a Reckless Jean instead. Anyway, a big fat thank you for those who were involved in today’s dungeon quest. There are just too many names to list, but you know who you are and congratulations to those alongside who finally completed the tedious quest as well.


  1. u so lucky
    even at my 20th kobold i cannot get the diary sad me

  2. Yeah, everyone there was quite lucky – we finished unexpectedly fast 😀

  3. Can you imagine the costume for Reckless Jean?

    *goes for the brain bleach*

  4. A naked pedo bear man? 😮

  5. lol have u seen how creative they are double everything [pistols,rapiers,swords,sabres] need i go on? there is high possibility for a reckless jean

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