Posted by: Souken | September 30, 2009

Another Off

Another quest cleared, and worth mentioning – Selva’s recruitment quest! Ironically, I’m still stuck at Gavin’s quest due to level limitations, considering Selva’s quest should have been more challenging.


However due to finances, I’m not sure whether if I can support her in my family in the first place. She still needs good equipment to get her rocking. I would still like to thank the many groupies in my group chat who helped me obtained my last Hero Seal, as well as helping me take down the cumbersome Avalanche Apparition – you guys rock!

She does really say some interesting lines in the quest…


Edward digs this kind of girl

Another joyful event is probably this…



Finally crafted my god damn Le Noir (Fighter), it was tedious and took a lot of vis away but it’s still worth it. I’ll actually wear this over my better stat armour any day. 🙂

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