Posted by: Souken | November 2, 2009

Expert & Other Things

It took longer than anyone would ever take, but in the end I still feel proud because it was a great accomplishment since I played this game from last year. The process was half free, but anyhow I recall a friend of mine took a year’s worth of afking in free maps to level characters from veteran to expert; that was equally impressive as well.

Unfortunately, my first screenshot of capturing the server’s announcement was ruined by a strange bug:

“…leader.Name..”, what’s that?

I realized I wasn’t the only one, and it doesn’t seem to happen when you’re promoting masters. Well anyhow, I celebrated Expert-hood with a couple of crazy activities.

All my outstanding NPC quests, I decided to take them all on, but of course with some help from friends.


I attempted the Novia portion of Gavin’s quest and lived to tell the tale. It started out with a few deaths due to being totally new at this, however soon after it was like a regular thing. Due to a friend’s kind intentions, I was able to survive the battle with ease and yet, felt like god at the same time. I had the honour of using a constellation polearm that was meant for PVP on Novia, and without saying – killing Montoro only took like less than 5 seconds.


For those who were curious, the combined damage from Montoro, Novia and the three ice daemon bosses still do hurt even with the veteran’s buff and the gears. However, I negated as much of the damage as possible with Hrin’s Potion and Anti-Magic Field. I’m pretty sure Ice Plasma would provide a even more defensive boost but it would slow down the damage dished out at the same time.


And with that, after getting a free Katovic Soup from the same friend who lent the gears, I gotten Gavin to join my family. And next up on my list was Ania…


Arsene was also a little toughie, I died initially due to his one hit wonder skill – Alteration. Plus Celine’s and Emily’s damage were really a combined annoyance. I’m just glad I killed him before Arsene could summon Mario and Hellena. Likewise, I used the same set gears for Novia on Arsene and it really worked wonders!


Arsene does a very disturbing pose in front of Ania

In theory, rNPC quests shouldn’t be this hard. I’m not seeing rNPCs like Grace Bernelli’s caliber being handed out to players on a silver platter anymore. :/


  1. Congrats on your expert promo and your latest adventure with Novia and Arsene. I think the next RNPC quest that pose to be tougher than it is supposed to be is Reckless Emilia requirements and battle wise. @.@ T.T

  2. Thanks, but it’s reportedly said that a magic character like the Elementalist is able to “tank” Reckless Emilia’s damage

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