Posted by: Souken | November 10, 2009

kGE lately…


Lately, it’s just scary.

I’m pretty sure other than cGE, no other region of GE has Imperviums exceeding +7. So in theory, you would need some godsent luck to +8 something, let alone talk about trying to +8 an equip you can actually use, or something you can reap profit out of.

Get ready to just weep. (and faint, for the weak-hearted)

Note: Unless stated, it is assumed neither of the equips shown has used any Imperviums or boosters in the process

1) +7 Vampiric Edge


2) +7 Conqueror Cannon


3) +7 Bracelet of Behemoth


And the same bracelet later…



4) +7 Staff of Gnosis


5) +6 Glacial Crystal


6) +8 Bracelet of Ziz


And perhaps the biggest shocker of all…

7) +8 Passion of Regulus


There’s really lots of experimentations of +7/+8 equipment lately, risk takers indeed. Would you dared to do the same?


  1. this isn’t too hard, plenty of rage quitters try it. in usGE (Sword New World) there have been top clan people who +8 their serp bayonets, serp pistols, etc
    +8 for 30AR items is even less hard, since with current prices, lot of people break them for 100 chips. some do go to +8
    but definitely scary for average player

  2. I’m pretty sure the above aren’t rage quitters though I see your point, personally sGE had a +8 Serpent Javelin, accidentally made by a rage quitter.

  3. SotNW has +7 Impervium/Lacquer from a cash shop promotion previously.

    cGE is probably the most imba with its +9 ELN DEF 20 DR+3…

  4. Shining equips and ohmygawd +9 ELN…not sure though but I got a gut feeling that it’s probably some enhancement bug.

    I have been seeing my faction mates recently trying their luck to +6 or +7 their equips and ended up losing them. Seems like kGE got the more positive side of the equation. 😛

  5. cGE already broke the record for having a +10 Black Bishop

  6. hi do you have any info on the expert saber stance please?
    I would like to start planning for it, ty

  7. Nothing’s known at the moment except for the fact a symbol of Cancer is needed

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