Posted by: Souken | December 11, 2009

Summon Summon

So I was busy, I certainly don’t have the luxury to make a decent guide or update these days. Luckily, Christmas is coming, that gives me some time to at least do a proper entry. IAH kick-started Christmas without the typical wish granting event for once. Interestingly, they’re both summoning events, but I would skip the first one due to the low rate win and the need for GP to participate.


The second one however is gold, a truckload of goodies for both old and active players plus if you’re old – you get 100 summon angel items. The result comes as a GM which lasts for 2 minutes, in that duration you can click as much as you like to attain two buffs.

I’m thinking of launching a random GM summon angel event for those who don’t have mule accounts or the summon items. Today’s brief one was successful albeit messy, and took place in Auch channel 1 – which was mostly pointless as well.

This is due to the nature of the buffs, one of them which disappears upon leaving a zone, warping or logging out.

1) Ancient Blessings – A portable version of the El Antiguo (however you spell this) buff, 24 hours of +1 AR/DR.

2) Angel’s Blessings – This is the one that draws attention:

– Base/Stance EXP + 50%
– HP Drain + 10%
– MaxHP + 2000
– Movement/Attack Speed + 10%
– AR/DR + 1

However, it lasts only 3 hours and disappears upon leaving a zone, warping or logging out.

sGE’s way of Christmas is like tasting a pie, you never know what’s the mystery filling inside. jGE gets a cool prize list update to their Imperial Wheel, and kGE…


They get a snowman the size of a raid boss and a cute costume for Grabber. Like Rudolph from last year Grabber is able to churn out special gifts.


Not really sure what they are at the moment, but they range from simple prizes like progressive fillers.



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