Posted by: Souken | January 11, 2010

Always here

I’ve been really busy with my life these days and I’m also juggling three games at the moment, namely Aion, Blackshot and Granado Espada. However, as of now, GE has been the lowest priority out of the three for various reasons. I’ve contemplating the idea of quiting but luckily that still has resulted in an unsuccessful decision still.

GE isn’t all that bad if you exclude all the non-monetary involvement. But nowadays it seems almost impossible, I’ve already fulfilled my current mission of getting three characters to Expert and right now still getting everyone who’s not 100 – to well 100.

As for whatever’s ahead waiting for me, I still have no idea to go round about it. I hope at least this game is still alive by the time sGE hits 4.0. But just be well assured, whichever path I may choose, the guides and this blog will be a permanent camper. (:


  1. bah roy, get HPS via vis, we train together 24/7 i tell my pilot sq you. Easy =p

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