Posted by: Souken | January 27, 2010

The Nar-gh and the Wind

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I had a proper update. Starstorm and Dem has been doing one heck of a job that I simply slacked for a while, reserving only some assistance in the sGE forums only. But I finally found some time to chip in for a full force update on GE’s second element – The Wind.


As mentioned sometime ago (in fact, long ago), GE has already done with the Water element backstory and as predicted, Catherine and the Wind are the stars of the second out of the five elements theme. Like Reckless Emilia, Catherine Torsche has a trailer dedicated to her as well.

High Resolution Download Link –… (credits to Dem)

This link is for those who are unable to access our sGE forums or for some reason, IP-banned from the kGE website.

The backstory is that Catherine Torsche turns out to be alive but is brought up as a brainwashed assassin under Montoro’s control. And her specialty is being a dual dagger type, her appearance unfortunately has brought about Lisa Lynway’s retirement by not only being better against her in stats, has a stellar exclusive stance/look but also “stealing” her stance once thought to be exclusively only for her – Raid Assault. Lisa’s only remaining notable aspect is that she’s still the naturally fastest Arnis user.

Her exclusive stance, Death Chopping is her reason for being unique, it is however an Expert only stance. Stance information as follows:

Death Chopping

Level 5 – Death Cut
Level 10 – Present
Level 15 – Death Stunt
Level 20 – Dance of Death
Level 25 – Chopping

Personal Skill: High Tide

Skill information isn’t confirmed because as Dem states, rebalancing is still in progress. Going by the screenshots however, we know Catherine Torsche is one awesome DPS/crowd control character that’s on dagger crack. Her personal skill allows her to stealth skills with increased attack/AR and, Present is a unique summon skill that allows her to summon up to 3 Llyods at maxed level. Her summons’ stats follow her levels as she progress, making her an ultimate well oiled battle machine.


Like me, we probably don’t know what’s going on in there either…

The killer catch however, is that you require the completion of the AQM Holy Water Chamber quest and you need to possess a Master level Catherine of any kind (INT/DEX/STR/Summoner). Quest information is scarce for now, but going by the trailer, it’s likely you’ll need to do battle with her like Reckless Emilia’s recruitment.

For more information among other things, you can look at screencaps here:

And as an extra discovery while scouting the kGE website, it turns out Nar has been utilized as an outrageous monster in terms of attack and HP.




He’s a beast, I mean Semi-lunar wasn’t given full 100 accuracy for a reason. ~_~

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