Posted by: Souken | January 29, 2010

Catherine Torsche

It’s uncanny how Catherine Torsche’s quest screen caps were eluded from view until now, probably hinting there is a certain degree in difficulty to her quest. And as the trailer heavily hints, you would definitely have to partake in an rNPC fight with her, just like how Reckless Emilia’s recruitment quest went. Ironically, the battle difficulty doesn’t seem to beat it’s killer requirements.


I’m not 100% sure how it goes, but at least we have screenshots to prepare what we are in for exactly…

It’s a known fact that a Master Catherine of any type (STR/DEX/INT/Summoner) is needed as a requirement, but now it’s another second known fact your Master Catherine has to partake in the quest, hence taking up one slot out of your three man team. So do be sure you’re training the “right” Catherine for battle usage.

The trailer is a good hint to watch out for what to expect, as predicted, majority of the quest portion takes place at Dr Torsche’s mansion. If you’re of Master status, this quest would be a breeze, for Experts, you might want to be well geared enough to hit a minimum of 60 AR/DR at least.



Skipping the conversations, you’ll be facing off level 120 opponents with 60 AR/DR. Interestingly enough, most of your opponents are doll summons of Catherine the Summoner, which probably explains their lack of mental/elemental resistance; which is compensated for a high attack. But if your DR is higher than 60, it probably won’t hurt more than an ant bite.


Don’t worry folks, that’s Nar doing damage, not taking damage


Finally, the real showdown begins

Look forward to fighting one of the puppet monstrosities as shown in the teaser preview also.


This is just a rough pictorial guide, for the wordy version, please skip to Book of Wind:


All that’s left now is Valeria’s arc, wonder what silly requirement IMC has in store for players since she is Gabriella’s twin sister.


  1. any video for this quest?

  2. Roooy since yer not in Yahoo, just want you to noe yer dino sword and daemon dagg i borrowed since we garim’d a few tiems 😡

    just pm me in-game if ya needz eet. Kayyy :3

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