About Me

*Note : I’m a Pachelbel server player.

I’m and ex-Rosenstolz member and I used to be in charge of the now defunct Rosenstolz Faction Blog. I still can’t drop the habit of blogging about GE because there is simply too many interesting things happening to let them go just like that. And because I’m bored and writing thrills me, I just write guides as a pastime. I think it also makes one feels better to see lesser lost sheep on the forums getting their questions answered.

Initially I started out with just trying to compile a guide on the five martial art rNPCs, but somehow I decided I wanna do more, and the rest is history.

So I hope you you enjoy reading this blog, criticisms or comments, heck just leave them here before you leave! I aim to achieve high hits for this GE blog. Lately, I’ve beginning to dab into a new MMORPG, Aion as well.

The author is now currently residing in Rembrandt server, and nowadays spends his time in Aion, Yustiel server.


  1. hello~ mind me linking ur blog?

  2. Of course not, go ahead 😀

  3. Hey, man. Wassup? Mind if I link your blog to mine as well?

  4. Nope, go ahead and thanks for linking

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