I had wish to do this discreetly but seems like dropping subtle hints or getting people to search for the entry has still proved unsuccessful. The reason I want to keep it low is because I would get an infraction in the forum if I do it openly, I hope people are able to get a drift now.

I want to help everyone in GE to have a fun experience as possible, but I still wish to stay out of trouble. That being said as much, I will no longer entertain nor respond to any comments/queries regarding this subject but I will keep it updated.

jGE Font/IPF Extractor


jGE Voiceover (updated as to jGE’s current version)


*Please note that the entries are password protected for obvious reasons, the password is really obvious as well. 🙂

Note: It has come to my attention some of my links are dead, do reply here if you noticed dead links. I sometimes forget about it altogether, sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. Guessing the password took me awhile -____-

  2. The password is not obvious at all =.=

  3. I still can’t figure out the pw man! >.<

  4. Sorry guys, but if I blatantly release the password I may be forced to take off the uploads. The password is more obvious than you think, look at the title of the Blog.

  5. Larg, if this voice pack the latest one which features the voices of the new characters recently?

  6. Those aren’t out yet, I always attach the last date of updates to keep on track so there’s no need to worry if it’s “old”.

  7. Oh…thanks for the update. Will be looking forward for it in the near future.

  8. By the way, Larg. Do you have KGE ipf file?

  9. Can’t guess the password, I’m too stupid >_>

  10. Help I need some hints ._____.v

  11. Took me a while, at least I got it.
    Thanks man

  12. still cant figure out the password~

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